Breakfast and snack are provided by  Shepherds Inn Daycare.  Parents should bring their child a sack lunch with milk as their source of lunch.  Your enrollment package will have  information on food allotments required by the Health Department.  Required food groups must be in your child’s lunch or we are required to supplement.  Due to the cost of daycare, we have chosen this route to keep the cost affordable for the parents/guardians, so please make sure lunches are complete.  Don’t let this discourage you, as there are a lot of great ideas in obtaining a great lunch for your child.   We will send helpful ideas on a regular basis and if you GOOGLE sack lunches, there are some great websites.   



Children are signed in daily by parent or guardian.  Children must be escorted to their classroom.  Children will only be released to an authorized person who is listed on child’s enrollment form.  If a different person from the usual person is  picking up your child, but on authorization, please notify staff.  In the event we are not familiar with this person, we will ask them to show us their I.D. 



In the event your child would need medical attention, we would contact you.  If we could not reach you, your emergency contact person would be reached.  The  staff person in charge at that time would assess the injury  to decide what medical attention would be needed.  Shepherds Inn staff is certified in First Aid and CPR, and would be qualified to administer either if necessary.  If your child becomes ill while at daycare, you will be notified immediately.  Your child will be kept comfortable in a supervised area until you arrive.  In the event that your child is exposed to a contagious disease or condition, a sign will be posted or a notice will be given to all parents of exposed children.  Parents must inform the daycare within 24 hours when your child is diagnosed by a child’s source of medical or dental care of having a contagious reportable disease, lice, scabies, impetigo, ringworm, or chicken pox.  


To be fair to all children, a sick child must be kept home or sent home if your child:

1.   Has a reportable illness or condition determined to be contagious.

2. Has chicken pox and is still contagious.

3. Has vomited at the center since admission or has vomited that day or night before and is still sick.

4. Has had three or more abnormal loose stools since admission or the night before.

5. Has contagious conjunctivitis or pus draining from the eye.

6. Has a bacterial infection such as strep throat or impetigo and has not completed 24 hours of antibiotics.

7. Has unexplained lethargy.

8. Has lice, ringworm, or scabies that is still contagious.

9. Has 100+ degree temperature.

10. Has an undiagnosed rash.

11. Has significant respiratory distress.

12. Cannot participate in program activities with reasonable comfort.

We ask and very much appreciate a phone call in the morning should your child not be attending for the day.